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learn to play guns of boom walkthrough

Check out the Guns of Boom Walkthrough, and Playing Strategy mentioned in the details below to understand the game and learn the strategies to utilize in guns of boom while playing it online.

Playing Guns of Boom game gives you an ultimate experience of team battle. For those who played counter strike for international prizes, they know how satisfied the experience of playing such games for hours and hours is.

Guns of boom game give you an exact same experience but on your mobile devices. However, the guns of boom fans also try to play guns of boom on pc, and such news comes to me often in a couple of days.

Now, let’s get into the guns of boom walkthrough & playing strategy for beginner gamers to understand what to do and what to not do in the game.

Guns of Boom Walkthrough & Overview

When you open the game for the first time and complete the beginner tutorial, the first ever visual you see is a man holding a gun with the desert background on his back. He is aiming down on the sights here and after that every 10 seconds.

This visual looks like you are going to battle entire game only in desert. But this is not true, as you start playing missions, you will see that there are lots of locations other than deserts where your battles take place.

What is on Your Screen?

On the left side of games home screen, there is your username at the top left corner, and just below that your current level number and your victory counts will be shown.

Below your username on left side, you will also see some menu listed one by one where you can access certain sections of the game such as Quests, Clan, Mail, Friends, Rankings, Videos, and Settings.

Below this menu, you can access your arsenal by tapping on black arsenal button given at the bottom left corner of your screen.

On the right side of your screen, you have your amount of gunbucks and gold indicator in the top right corner.

Below that, you will find any on-going event section along with free crates section.

On the bottom right of the screen, there is a battle button given in the red color with white fonts. From there, you can enter into the battles.

On the middle-bottom of the screen, you can see your inventory of grenades and medical kit.

Guns of Boom Playing Strategy for Beginners

As soon as you start your first battle, you understand how teams clash together coming from 2 different locations towards each other and exchange gun fires on each other.

There are minimum four players in the team and maximum is no limit. But, you have a 5 minute battle time allotted for each battle.

In those 5 minutes, if you got died in the battle, you can again take part in it as many times as you want unless the 5 minute time finish.

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The more your team kills the opponent persons, the higher your team score will be. For each kill, you get 30 points, the maximum number of points the team collects will be the winner of the battle.

In order to win the battle, each of your members should perform well and aggressive in the game. Check out these guidelines to follow during the battle which may result in winning it for you.

  • Keep Your Arsenal Upgraded

If you are having sufficient amount of resources, then it is better to upgrade your existing guns so that the killing time of your gun reduces in the game. If you don’t know which guns you should upgrade to then follow this best guns of guns of boom tutorial we have specially created. Fill up your grenades and medical kit before entering in the battle. The grenades are must in the battle as they can destroy your enemy on the spot while medical kit will help you survive in the battle for longer time.

  • Co-operate With the Team

Lots of users don’t stick with the team and wanted to go alone for hunting the opponent members. This trick may work sometimes but most of the times you get killed because you are alone. If you stick with your team and co-operate together, the chances of surviving in the battle will get increasingly more and you don’t need to come back again and again after getting killed by enemy.

One more advantage of killing together is you can kill your opponent in less time than killing them alone. It is because your team is shooting them from multiple weapons together. This way, they got killed more frequently and your overall points get increased rapidly.

  • Don’t Use Your Enemy Weapons

Lots of users try their enemy weapons just after killing them. They think that their weapons are greater than ours. It may be true and maybe not. But when you switch from your weapon to your enemy’s weapon, you forget that this new weapon has only one magazine with it and it will get exhausted sooner.

This way, the chances of switching weapons in the battle becomes very hard and you get killed. So, try avoiding picking up enemy weapons.

  • Always Upgrade Your Gears

Just like weaponry or arsenal, armours and gears are very important for you. To keep yourself safe from enemy bullets, have a good quality armour and keep updating it from time to time in the game. So that you’re getting killed rate will be reduced and your enemy will have fewer chances to score high against your team.

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