The Merciless Trejo Tournament – Guns of Boom Latest Update v3.3.0

Hey guys, last month we understood what is Spectator Galore feature introduced by guns of boom in their new v3.1.0 version. We also covered a Boom Series Cup held on European Gaming League in our article. Today we will talk about brand new The Merciless Trejo Tournament which has been announced in guns of boom for whole 2 months from now with multiple stages

In this article, we will understand what The Merciless Trejo Tournament is, how to participate in the tournament and similar queries like that. We will also discuss about the new currency introduced for this tournament that are Coins. So let’s get started.

The Merciless Trejo Tournament

The Merciless Trejo Tournament is a temporary in game tournament introduced in guns of boom for two months from now (April 17, 2018). Everyone can participate Free in trejo tournament. The tournament is named after Danny Trejo who is also featured in this event.

the merciles trejo tournament

The Trejo Tournament is available for two months to participate with three event stages of ten days each along with two breaks (14 days each) between these stages. Each stage will unlock a new map which is free for all with a brand new shiny gun to use. In the tournament, each stage has a unique challenge do you to face, in first stage, you need to kill as much as opponents you can where there is no team to defend you. Everyone is on their own in this brutal event.

There are daily tournaments and challenges available to take part in and win lots of daily rewards including unique weapons, consumables and New Mexican customization set.

After completing 4-5 challenges in a given time, you can win an epic event case.

New Maps & Weapons to Use

There are lots of new maps like Mexico Canyon to play in the tournament with all new variety of brutal weapons. Along with the usual reward system that is gunbucks and trophies, you can now get coins also as a reward after battle. Use these coins at Fair to obtain latest brutal weapons like Barracuda, Matador to use them in your battles and climb rapidly at your rating.

The Rating System

There are two types of rating systems available in this event, first is daily ratings and second one is general ratings. Don’t get confused in these ratings, just focus on fighting hard and killing everyone you see in the battle, your daily rating will automatically improves and the general ratings will count your overall performance of the current event stage.

On top center of the screen, you can see which user have killed most opponents while the battle is in progress. This new feature will enable you to know your rank after the battle is over. The higher the rank the more the daily rewards after each battle.


You will also get coins as new currency in this tournament. Coins can be used to obtain variety of deadly weapons especially available for this tournament only. As a participation reward, you get initial 300 free coins in the tournament to get started for.

Throwing knifes

Throwing knifes can be the best substitutes for grenades you are using in this tournament. As a participant reward, you get 20 free throwin knifes in this tournament. You can also use these throwing knifes in regular team based battle other than trejo tournament.

To use throwing knifes, go to your arsenals >> tap on grenades symbol >> there you can see your additional weapons like grenades in common and throwing knifes in elite category >> activate throwing knifes instead of grenades to use them in your battles.

Fair Section

You can have everything you want from the fair section of this tournament, from all new deadly weapons to scary blood hungry costumes and consumable in order to look more deadly.

Use your cosmetic section to get more trendy and killing fashions and collectibles from the specially created cosmetic cases. Decor yourself to look deadly.

Use daily free spins to win lots of consumables, weapons, coins and much more for free. Don’t forget also to collect your free coins on daily basis.

As a regular gunslinger, I would say this trejo tournament is not for everyone kind of stuff. Here, the one who is already in a good position of weaponry with defensive stuffs can only lead the world ratings.

In order to dominate the ratings in this tournament, you will need to invest a lot of gunbucks, gold and time to make your character stronger to be able to stay alive in the tournament.

I must say, that this tournament is made only for the legendary players as you need to be the strongest one to survive in it.

However, the concept of trejo tournament is itself a deadly and a brutal event. So, no complaints..!

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