Guns of Boom Tips and Strategy Guides to Implement in the Gameplay

Guns of Boom Tips And Tricks

Learn guns of boom tips and strategy guides to play this game efficiently for winning the battles and earning lots of rewards from various ways.

There are some tremendous secret ways we can utilize when it comes to win the battles and earn more rewards than usual in guns of boom game.

Today, we will be looking for practically possible guns of boom strategies and tips to use while playing the game and using such tactics for winning every match without having much trouble.

By the way, guns of boom game is the most played team battle game available to play today with more than 10 million daily active users playing this game worldwide, and competing live against each other on multiple battlegrounds associated in the game.

Guns of Boom Tips and Guides on Winning in the Battles

Below are pointed some guns of boom tips on gameplay and winning strategies to implement for winning every battle in the game.

  • The first guide to share is that you should have to understand the battleground where your team is clashing with your opponent team in the battle. The better you understand your nearby area of the battlefield, the better the ways you can explore for yourself to take benefit of.
  • Use your nearby area in favor of you to attack on the enemy from unexpected areas and surprise them by hitting hard from behind them. These are called guerilla tactics which you can use to suppress them from all the sides.
  • Work as a team in this team battle game, and always stay in the group to improve your attack impact harder on your enemy. Try to avoid being a Rambo as this is not a single player role playing game. The more you attack with your team, the more your chances of winning the battle becomes stronger.
  • Find hiding corners from your surroundings and use them for hiding yourself when you are about to die due to lots of damage. Covering yourself from enemy attacks is as important as striking them hard.
  • Try to avoid dying frequently and always use your medical kit whenever an enemy is hitting you. Don’t give your enemy a chance to kill you and score points, instead; using your medikit and surviving from the attack is also a big deal in the team’s contribution.

These are some of the guns of boom guides for you to know how to win battles in guns of boom game by using some battle tactics and winning strategies.

As there are also in-game battle tasks available such as dominating the circle area on the battleground and killing your enemies, this battle strategy works in any situation of the game.

Tips for Choosing the Best Guns for Beginners

The most important part of winning any battle in this game is that you should have a better gun to kill your enemy. Without a good gun, no matter how good your battle skills are; you cannot win battles due to the less hitting power of your guns.

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Having a good guns for beginners with decent hitting power is always a better way to kill your enemy frequently in this game and score more than your enemy to win the battle.

Lots of people get confused while choosing main assault rifles in guns of boom game. As there are the variety of assault rifles to choose, we get confused while choosing the best gun to buy for beginners. Try out this beginners guide to guns which will help you choosing the best one for you.

  • The best assault rifle for you in guns of boom game always depends on various factors in your gameplay. Just like in which level you are currently playing, what is your favorite gameplay mode, are you a great mover or just a hitter from one place and do you like to defend or attack the most.

These are some of the factors that matter the most while choosing your gun for beginner in guns of boom game.

  • As you know, the levels of your game is the most important factor in this topic. If you are in the level number 10, then you should choose the best possible option you have at that level. Of course the more level you climb in the game, the better the guns stars unlocking for you to buy.
  • If you like to move around and hit as much enemy personal as possible, then you should choose the assault rifle which can continuously fire with more rounds in a single magazine. Here, you cannot use guns like slicer which takes the gap between every 3 rounds. The slicer is not recommended at all in the close combat battles. Instead, you can go for the sting or scattershot if you can manage.
  • If you are not a good mover and like to shoot from your place only, then you should go for more power and more rounds in your gun. For this purpose, you can choose a machine gun from the variety of them in this game.

Of course; you can choose a sniper rifle too, but to snipe a player, you need that much power to kill the enemy with 1 shot only, and that powerful sniper becomes very costly when it comes to buying it for a beginner player.

  • Lastly, if you are a hard hitter in close combat battle, you can also choose from the variety of shot guns which has lots of powers in them to kill the enemy in less than 3 shots.

Guns of Boom Tips and Guides to Earn More Money in the Game

As we all know, Gold and Gunbucks are very essential currencies in the game when it comes to playing this game with full of its features.

Earning gunbucks is not that hard in the game, all you have to do is just play your battles and win the participation rewards, and special rewards in case of most kills or headshots, and more rewards for winning the battles.

But how to double your battle rewards when you need more gunbucks to buy specific stuff in the game?

How to Double Your Rewards in Guns of Boom?

Here is a trick; after finishing the battle, you are shown how much gunbucks and trophies you earned, right?

Just after taping the continue button on that screen, most of the times you get one notification to double your rewards by watching a short advertisement in the form of video. All you have to do is just tap on get it now button and watch the short advertisement. Once that ad gets finished, simply close that window and come back in the game. Now you can see your rewards you earned from the battle are now doubled than they were before watching the ad. This is the best way to earn more gunbucks than usual by watching the in-game ads for free.

Usually, this advertisements option don’t frequently come in the game, as it depends on your location and lots of other advertising factors. But there is another trick for this to get the opportunity of watching lots of advertisements and make your gunbucks double easily.

If you are living in the USA, then you can play the game on the evening to see more advertisements. Like from 5 PM to 8 PM is a great time to play a game for more ads. If you are living in European countries, then you can play this game more in the day rather than nights. But if you are from Asian countries, then the best time to play guns of boom is at night.

The timing we have mentioned above as per your locations is the best times to get more advertisements in your game to watch in these specific time zones only. So, watch more ads and earn more gunbucks easily.

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