Guns of Boom New Update v.3.1.0 what’s New?

guns of boom latest update

Hey fellas, Guns of Boom came up with the new update yesterday on March 6, 2018. There are lots of things we have now to discuss about this update.

But the main center of attraction is the Spectator Galore mode. This new feature enables you to see how your friends fight their battles in the real-time with Augmented Reality mode. It gives you a third eye view just like you are playing the game, but while your online friend is battling in real time.

You can see playing your friends, friends of friends, and also your clan members who are online and playing battles. In short, you can see everyone playing.

Check out the spectator galore video below to understand what exactly a Spectator Galore is and how to use it in the game.

  1. Spectator Galore – Features

If you are tired of battling and you are just about to close the game now…, wait… instead, see how your friends are fighting in the battle. Without even knowing them that you are watching them fighting from behind in the real time.

Yes, it is possible to see other players playing guns of boom game with real-time spectator galore mode. The third eye view of spectator mode allows you to do the same. Below are some of the features you can see in the new spectator mode of guns of boom.


  • Amazing real-time AR mode to see the whole view from behind the character.
  • It also allows you to switch from one character view to another of a team while battle is running. You can even see how rival teams are performing by visiting their each character view as per your choice.
  • Basically, you are open to access all the angles of the war to understand player’s strategies to defeat the opponent team.
  • This spectator mode also helps you to make your own strategy before performing in any such battles.
  • The most important feature is that it is real time, so you can experience the real-time adventure of the battle which is a fantastic thing.

The only backdrop of this mode is that you cannot see the private matches of the players. If it allows seeing the private matches also, then what would be the use of going private for playing matches, right? Lol

You can access this spectator mode from the home screen of the game. It is available on the bottom left side of the screen. Second last option before settings. Try it out.

  1. New Updated High-End Graphics

Now you can experience the thrill of a war with more intensity by enabling 60 to 120 Frame per Seconds view. 60 FPS gameplay setting is available on most of the devices but, if you have some iPad Pro devices or a Razor Phone, you can double this experience by setting up 120 FPS gameplay from the settings.

It means, when it comes to seeing your battle performance, it will be a masterpiece from such phones, right?

Access the frame rate setting from the settings tab > advanced > frame rate.

Although, setting up the frame rate of 60 or 120 FPS levels will surely drain your phone’s battery faster but still, it is something you will like to experience.

  1. New Event Maps

New event maps are back again with the whole new and improved experience of playing in various places of the world.

Lots of new event maps are now available to play in the game once again. Halloween and Europe, Private matches new years and much more. Play whenever you like to play.

  1. Gold Confirmation Alerts

Now you can also get an alert whenever you purchase gold from the in-app purchase. Earlier it was not available, with this feature, transaction failed issues will definitely get tracked easily.

You need to enable this alert from settings > advanced > alerts.

  1. Rebalanced Guns

Total of 6 guns is rebalanced in this guns of boom update. Those guns are:

1)    Death Dealer

2)    Scattershot

3)    Guillotine

4)    Storm

5)    Iceberg

6)    Annihilator

Death Dealer:

The developers think that this shotgun is dominating the whole guns of boom world; where everyone is getting killed more frequently from this gun than any other available in the game.

To some extent, they are true because it is noticeable in the gameplay though. According to them, this gun is demotivating the game players as they are frequently getting killed by the Death Dealer. Maybe this is the reason why they decided to degrade Death Dealer’s damage power with 5%.


Developers want this gun to compete with other shotguns available in the game as it is the best gun for those who are turning from beginner to rookie players in guns of boom.

Scattershot got 8% increased damage with the 14% increase in the upgrade cost.


For beginner players, now Guillotine is an ideal rifle as you can have more 5% increase damage with 50% less recoil. This upgrade makes this gun more stable and best for early battles in the game.

However, if you want to know which the best guns are for beginners, then consider reading the best guns for beginner’s article available on the site.


The Storm is not a bad option when it comes to comparing it with the Death Dealer. However, slow rate of fire which was the problem of this gun is now solved by the developers. Now you have 13% increased rate of fire with the sacrifice of 14% increased upgrade cost.


It is the only rifle which is not used very frequently by players. In fact, we can say that people literally ignored iceberg while choosing the best rifle for themselves. But now, if you want to change your decision, the developers have a deal of increasing fire rate with massive 25% with the upgrade cost increment of 17% in this rifle. Want to try it now?


This is the only gun which is being requested by users to upgrade for the damage rate. Guns of boom developers have respect to the user’s requests. This is the reason why they come up with the increasing damage rate of 10% per shot in this gun.

Overall, we can say this is 80% satisfying update introduced by the guns of boom. 80% is because there are lots of new improvements from new feature like spectator mode to high-end graphics and reloaded event maps.

But for the gun balancing; the guns of boom game made this more into their favor then the users by increasing lots of upgrade cost in the guns. It is acknowledgeable that they have improved a lot in the guns also, but still, these guns were already very costly when it comes to buying them; and now we have more increment in cost.

By the way, what do you think about this update? Let us know by sharing your thoughts about this update. For more upcoming knowledge, stay tuned with guns of boom fan club. Happy gaming.

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