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guns of boom - boom series cup 2018

European Gaming League Tournament – Win Cash Price of 150 Euro

Hey, Gunslingers. Show your ability in Boom Series Cup 2018 which is going to happen in European Gaming League on Sunday, March 11, 2018, 15.00 GMT.

The winning team of this tournament will be rewarded with the price money of 150 Euro. So what are you guys waiting for? Register your team today for Boom Series Cup online. Here is a website for registration:

As you know, Guns of Boom is now a part of the European Gaming League; which is a worldwide online platform available to conduct eSports Tournaments of Online Games on multiple platforms.

It organizes esports tournament and leagues for lots of well-known games like Call of Duty: WWII, Fortnite, Gears of War 4, League of Legends, Paladins, SMITE and Guns of Boom.

Recently, the guns of boom developers announced that there will be a Boom Series Cup going to take place on the EGL platform, where all the European fans of guns of boom game can take part in this tournament.

So, let us take a bird’s eye view of the Boom Series Cup and see how to take part in boom series cup online.

Guns of Boom: Boom Series Cup 2018 – Introduction

The Boom Series Cup is an upcoming tournament of guns of boom game which is going to happen in European Gaming League on the Mobile Platform. You may like to know more about European Gaming League to understand this tournament.

The winning team will get price of 150 Euro as a reward from this tournament. So it is a chance for the legendary guns of boom players to earn some bucks by destroying opponent teams in the finals.

Since this tournament is available for the players who are living in Europe. The only eligible players who are from European Countries can take part in this league.

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How to Register For Boom Series Cup?

All the team captains have the responsibility to register their teams for this tournament. To register for boom series cup, visit and sign up there with all your team player ID.

There are maximum 32 teams can register for this tournament out of which 19 are already registered. So hurry up.

The Boom Series Cup Rules & Regulations

  • It is a team based tournament with maximum 8 rosters can apply for a team; however, the final price of 150 Euro will only release to 4 players of the winning team.
  • The winning team players will be contacted via their Emails to receive the winning price payment through online mode.
  • The registered team players ID’s who are visible in “Match Fixture” page of the tournament are only the eligible players to receive the price.
  • The Match Fixture page shows the number of players listed on a team to play this tournament, players other than listed are not allowed to play this tournament & win price.
  • To allow pricing for this tournament, the minimum number of teams required to register is 8. Fortunately, as of now already 19 teams are registered for this tournament.
  • The first round of this tournament will start on March 11, 2018, that is Sunday; at a timing of 15:00 GMT.
  • There is a minimum 4 number of players required to sign up for this tournament, the team captains need to provide all the player ID’s while registering their team for this tournament. Also, team captains cannot register players more than allotted maximum number limits for the tournament.
  • There are no substitutes allowed (players who are not visible in the Match Fixture list) to play in between any level of the match.
  • In your opposite team, if any player you see who is not listed in the Match Fixture list by opposite team, then you can tell the opponent team to replace this player with the legit listed player prior 15 minutes before the match starts.
  • Every game play in the tournament will be played in the Games PRO Mode setting. Every hosting team should enable this setting before starting the match. If they failed to enable pro mode, the entire match can be replayed with different hosting team.
  • There are two game types will be available to play.
  1. Team Deathmatch 4 vs. 4
  2. Control Points 4 vs. 4
  • In the match, players cannot use Auto-Medikit, Grenades etc.

Default Event & Maps For the Tournament

There are total 4 series of events will happen in the tournament.

  1. Round of 16
  2. Quarter Final
  3. Semi Final
  4. Final

events map

Guns of Boom Troubleshooting Guide for Boom Series Cup

Server Problems:

If any kind of server problem persists during the match, the particular tournament may be postponed with the agreement of both the team captains.

If any team wants to continue the match, in any case, the team itself will be responsible for any results for the same match.

Showing Up For Match:

Each team needs to be ready to show up before 15 minutes of match. If any team failed to show up will be terminated for the match.

In this case, the other team should report as a no show in the match fixture page.

Delay in the Match:

Matches can be delayed only when both the teams agree to do so. If any match delay other than this reason can be treated as overruling the match schedules and then the responsible team can be removed from the tournament.

The match delays up to 10 minutes between the each map are ok. But if it exceeds to the maximum limits by any team, then they may get terminated from the tournament.

Internet Connectivity:

If a player loses internet connectivity between the starting of the maps, s/he can reconnect in the match. Any score made by other players in the match can only be claimed when other players of the team are connected.

Match Reporting:

It is responsibility of both the teams to report the match after match is finished. Each team needs to report the match by clicking on the match fixture link available on match fixture page.

The tournament brackets get updated once both the teams report the match successfully.

If any one team failed to report the match, the first team reporting will be considered to decide the winner after 15 minutes of reporting session.

Teams Participated So Far

Total 19 teams have already participated in this tournament. Those are:

BUTCHERED [PROF]MARVELFeaR SLayerSAllied eXiles Team 2
BtoBHUSARIASpain Legion 2Enemy 2 (SWAT)
JUGGSpain Legion 1S1CO psicosisVENIVIDIVICI
Rus1ENEMY (SWAT)Allied eXiles

So, are you going to register your team today? Don’t miss this opportunity of playing against legendary guns of boom players on international level of platform like European Gaming League.

Still having unsolved questions regarding the Boom Series Cup?

Let us know them by using the comments below. We will make it possible to give answers to all your questions regarding the Boom Series Cup of guns of boom game. Happy Booming the world.

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