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Find Out Which Guns and Gears are Ideal to Use in Guns of Boom [March 2018]

Selecting Best Guns in Guns of Boom becomes confusing sometimes. Every player has s/his separate in-game conditions and s/he needs s/his weapons according to the situations.

Even though guns of boom is a team based battle game, still your personal contribution in the battle will always get counted for leveling up in the game.

The more you level up in the game, the better guns and gears you unlock for yourself.

guns of boom best gun

But, what if you are a beginner in this game with the level of only 5 to 10 achieved in the game, which types of guns you should pick for?

In this article, we will be finding the answer to this question for every type of guns and gears in this game. So, without wasting further time, let’s move on to our main discussion.

Which is The Best Assault Rifle to Choose in Guns of Boom?

Assault Rifles are primary weapons for you in this game. So it is more important to choose best assault rifle in guns of boom. So, what are the best options we can avail for the beginner level player, let’s see.


RiflesPowerAccuracyRangeMagazinePrice (GB)
Sting552 – 140035233010k
Slicer652 – 170847253824k
Scattershot776 – 182022186033k
Vampire896 – 196062204545k

While choosing an assault rifle in the game, you should first analyze your game tactics first. Means, if you are a fearless warrior and you prefer to attack brutally in close combat rather than staying back and keep spending the battle time in finding the hiding shelters, then you should choose the deadliest one you can prefer.

best assault rifle guns of boom

Here in this case, if you can afford you can go with Vampire Assault Rifle because you need more power and accuracy. Less range is not your concern as you are a close combat warrior, so you are going in the enemy territory to beat them, in those close combat battles, the range does not matter.

If your budget is not that much to buy Vampire, you can simply get one step back and think for Scattershot. With the maximum 1800 plus power is not a bad idea. Assault rifles are more deadly because they have lots of power to hit. Use the power accordingly your situation and choose the best one you can afford as well as your situation allows you.

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Since lots of the players don’t have enough gunbucks to invest in such heavy rifles, in my opinion the Slicer is one of the best assault rifles one can opt to start with. It is mine favorite one too. Although I am still testing Sting to my best level, but for the entry level warrior, this is the best option so far.

Affordable Shotguns to Have In Guns of Boom

When it comes to shotguns, lots of players hate them because of their short magazines & low range. But still, they are the most powered guns one can afford for the better impact. So, let us know which one we can afford.

best shotgun in guns of boom


ShotgunsPowerAccuracyRangeMagazinePrice (GB)
Battering Ram652 – 1708429620k
Storm 776 – 182060101233k
Onslaught896 – 19602011943k

In close combat battles, power does matter when you don’t have sufficient amount of rounds with you. If you can afford, go for Storm Shotgun which has huge 1800 plus power to burst with 12 rounds per magazine. With the range of 10 meters, this is the best shotgun one can go for.

Which Is The Best Sniper Rifle In Guns Of Boom?

If you are a sensitive soldier who wants to fight the war cleverly, then you can opt for sniper rifles to aim at your enemy from far away and kill them without even knowing from where they got targeted.

best sniper rifle in guns of boom

SnipersPowerAccuracyRangeMagazinePrice (GB)
Falcon524 – 140065391011k
Punisher652 – 170885411021k
Manticore896 – 196066381042k

For the sniper rifle, range matters a lot. You can afford hitting your enemy twice but you cannot afford to have a sniper with minimum range. It may cause to get you caught by the enemy due to lower ranges because you will have to go physically closer to your enemy.

You can use Punisher. A decent sniper rifle with the maximum among all 41. This is the best sniper rifle you can afford for the affordable price.

Best Machine Gun in Guns of Boom Game

If you upgrade to machine guns to their best possible up gradation, there is nothing like machine guns to use in the guns of boom game.

best machine gun in guns of boom

Machine GunsPowerAccuracyRangeMagazinePrice (GB)
Anubis 524 – 140050287010k
Hurricane652 – 170815256023k
Hydra776 – 182010276031k

Hurricane is the best option for you to have one. With 1700 power and 25 meters damage range, you can constantly hit 60 bullets to your enemy. In 23k it’s not a big deal for such configuration of weapon.

It’s true that your speed affects when you use machine guns, but if you are defending and not offending, it is the best option to go for.

Now that we know which guns are better in which condition, let’s get to the gears we use.

Best Gears to get In Guns of Boom Game

For defending yourself from enemy attack, you need better armor to do so. We will be witnessing directly the best ones in the gears without analyzing them.

fumigator helmet in guns of boom


For head security, you should go for Fumigator Combat Helmet. It is the best among all helmets. Because, in the battle, you are definitely losing your health, with Fumigator, for each enemy you kill, you get 25% of your health return.

This is the best offer one can get from a helmet, isn’t it?


For the body armor, there is no limit you should set for yourself. Always prefer the best one in the jackets category here. It is because 90% of the enemy bullets hit on your jackets. And if you want to survive more in the battle, then don’t look for money at least here.


I don’t know why, but surprisingly you cannot but pants with gunbucks. You have to invest gold to get pants. It’s a bit disappointing to me. Because for the basic pant Panther, you have to invest huge 158 gold to get it. That’s a huge amount of gold.

But still, if you can afford pay that much gold, go for at least basic Panther pant to protect yourself. It will increase your movement speed by 20% than current. If you have a fully upgraded machine gun, then this combination of panther and best machine gun can make you a deadly warrior in the game.

Did we missed anyone of the best guns or gears?

Please let them know us by replying in the comments below. Also suggest us for any topic on which you want us to clear the facts on.

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