guns of boom game

Guns of Boom Game

Guns of Boom the best multiplayer role playing shooter mobile game created by Game Insight and launched on May 18, 2017.

The game is available to play on android, iOS, and Kindle devices. It is free to play the game; so you can download this game for free from the respective platforms.

Soon after the game launched, people went crazy about this game because of its unique fighting skills and team battle tactics.

Since this is a team battle multiplayer shooting game, it brings more fun while playing with real online teammates and fighting with the real opponent team.

When you have a great graphics and engaging events in the game, you don’t need to know the reason behind the gun-battle between teams. You just take pleasure in playing the game instead of finding logic.

Every battle in the guns of boom has a specific time limit to perform. When the battle starts, you need to work together with your team and destroy all opponents of the enemy team in the given time to win the battle.

If you die in the middle of the battle, you can take part again in the battle anyway, as many times as you want if the time is there to enter in the battle.

You can also pick up your enemy guns when they die and use them during the battle. There are tons of guns available to use in the game.

You can take part in the tournaments of the game with your team. Your efforts and in-battle skills will grow your experience and event rating points in the game which will help you climb your event rating leaderboard and win multiple daily tournaments in the game.

If you like to play multiplayer shooting games, then there is no other best option available for you than guns of boom game. Play with your level best skills and win every battle to earn daily rewards and climb leaderboard to dominate the game.

How to Play Guns of Boom Game?

Like all other FPS games available in the market, guns of boom also gives you the full beginner game tutorial when you start to play the game. There you can learn the in-depth gameplay of this game. We also have a dedicated section on guns of boom walkthrough or how to play it.

how to play guns of boom game

For a Birdseye view of the game, consider understanding following highlighted points in the guns of boom.

  • As a role player, you need to be in the team and fight to eliminate the enemy for your team.
  • This is an online multiplayer game, so to participate in the game, you should have a good internet connectivity.
  • For every battle win, you get gunbucks and rating points as rewards which can be used to upgrade your weapons and gears to the next level for future battles & to improve your in-game ratings.
  • You can join clans to be a part of your continental or a group of people similar to you in order to categorize yourself in a specific clan.
  • You can play tournaments between clan levels or for dominating the leader’s board in the game.

An amazing graphics and in-game characters pull your interest in the game day by day. The game controls are easy to understand and operate.

Your Objectives in the Game

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In guns of boom game, you are one of your teammates fighting against the opposing team to kill all the member of the enemy teams and win the battle.

These battles are held on the different locations in the game, and you need to show your teamwork effectively while playing the game.

There are similar first person shooter games available before the guns of boom. But the popularity this game gained in a very short span of time is appreciable.

You got grenades to throw on the enemy and make your way clear along with your primary gun. You also got first aid kit with you which will keep you survived in the battle.

With the gunbucks, gold and other currencies available in the game, you can purchase necessary resources from the game, such as grenades, powerful guns, first aid kits, various wearables and battle gears.

At the end of the day, you need to use all your fighting skills in the game and make your team win the battle.

Guns of Boom Features

  1. Simple yet effective game interface makes it easy to understand.
  2. Amazing graphics and in-battle events.
  3. It is flexible as per your gameplay techniques. It has simple missions as well as hard ones too.
  4. Daily tasks don’t let you get bored in the game anyway.
  5. New events and updates introduced regularly.


Game News, Events & Updates:

The Lunar Festival

In The Lunar Festival, you will have the chance to play hardest challenges in daily tournaments. With new guns to use and lots of customizable gears, this event gives us a chance to perform at our level best. It started from 8th of February this year and is running currently in the game.

New Currency

With the start of the event, we have got a new currency called Tokens. Just like gunbucks, you can now earn tokens also from the battles you win. Use these tokens to buy crates in the game or use them to run the fair section and win various prizes for the spin and win. You can also purchase the tokens directly from the store just like gold and gunbucks. Just because this is a new currency introduced by the game, we all have the bonus or complementary 300 tokens in our account now.

Now with the new currency token, we have total three in-game currencies to use in. Gold, Gunbucks, and Tokens.

guns of boom guns

New Guns & Costume

With the Lunar Festival, we have introduced two new guns, i.e., Warmonger and Dragonfire with the increasing range from 18 to 20 meters and the best maximum damage range from 6 to 8 and 10 meters respectively. Along with these guns, we also have a chance to win the Dragon Warrior costume by beating the hardest levels of the game.

Liked this game? Then what are you waiting for, you have got one of the best multiplayer fps game to play for. Don’t miss this opportunity and make your enemy threaten by using your amazing fighting and shooting skills.